Art of Photography

Rob Townsend

Let’s Get Started

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Yesterday I got properly started on the OCA ‘Art of Photography’ course; my course materials turned up and I had a really good introductory chat with my tutor. I ordered a few of the recommended books:

  • The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton
  • Photography: A Critical Introduction by Liz Wells
  • On Photography by Susan Sontag

And I was pleased to see that I got as part of the course materials a copy of:

  • The Photograph: A Visual and Cultural History by Graham Clarke



In the run-up to getting the box of OCA goodies, I’d already started reading lots of the online ‘getting started’ content – the OCA is very good at that kind of thing, I have to say. And I finished the day by looking up a few other students who’ve started the course at about the same time as me, and taking a sneaky look at their blogs.

So it’s feeling very real now! It’s very exciting (if slightly daunting). Wish me luck…


One thought on “Let’s Get Started

  1. Good luck with TAoP Rob! and thanks for stopping by at my learning blog and blip

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