Art of Photography

Rob Townsend

Points: preparation

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As suggested in the course notes, before I tackle the exercises on Points, I’ve done a bit of preparation.

The first part of the preparation was just identifying possible applications for photographs making use of a point or points. The ones that sprung to mind for me were:

  • Flying bird
  • The moon
  • Child playing on a beach
  • Lone flower against grass
  • Remote building in a landscape
  • Bee on a flower
  • Boat out at sea
  • Balloon floating in the sky
  • Face standing out in a crowd
  • Macro of flower stamen

The second part was to pick out some existing photos that illustrate the concept of points. As suggested, I’m converting my images to black and white for this part of the course, to better concentrate on the design elements.

I found that I don’t actually have that many examples of clear points; it’s evidently not a compositional approach that I naturally choose very much. In some instances I felt it was borderline as to whether something constituted a shape rather than a point, mainly due to its relative size in the frame.

On to the actual exercises now…


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