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Rob Townsend

Assignment 4: Applying lighting techniques – change of plan

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The pineapple has been sacked. It turns out that a pineapple has been done for this assignment before. More than once. Now that doesn’t necessarily stop me doing it again, but I strive for a little more originality. Plus, it wasn’t behaving very well in front of the camera. So the part has been recast as more of a… Gollum figurine. Much more original, I hope.



I had a go at shooting him under various lighting conditions this afternoon. I tried various combinations of two small halogen lamps and a taller overhead tungsten lamp, plus some ambient light in the room in some shots. Shape was OK I think, although I may struggle to get two identifiably different takes on that using just artificial lighting– we’ll see. I think I have a few candidates each for Form, Texture and Colour, just need to see them on a big screen to identify which works best. The next thing to try is some shots with natural / available light. Originally I was going to try to do all the shots with photographic lighting, but the risk is that they will all look a bit samey. So my current thinking is to use a mix of artificial and available light, as follows:

  1. Shape, natural light: silhouetted against window light
  2. Shape, artificial light: head-on shot against black velvet backdrop with snoot
  3.  Form, natural light: slanting sunlight through windows during mid-afternoon
  4. Form, artificial light: top-down, angled lighting plus 45° side-lighting to emphasis
  5. Texture, natural light: outside with overcast sky, diffusion and lack of hard shadows may bring out detail in texture
  6. Texture, artificial light: side-lighting across most textured part of figure
  7. Colour, natural lighting: outside in low evening sun
  8. Colour, artificial lighting: use reflectors to accentuate colours? need to experiment with this one

That’s the plan anyway… wish me luck.


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