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Rob Townsend

Assignment 4: tutor feedback


I got my feedback report back from my tutor Dave very quickly, within a couple of days. It has however taken me almost a week to write this up.

The feedback was generally good. It wasn’t gushing, but it did include the sentence “Overall this has been a very accomplished submission for this assignment”, so I’m happy. There were a few suggestions on how else I could have interpreted the brief, but unlike last time (Colour) no recommendations to tweak and resubmit any images. The main sentence I was looking for was there: “From the work you have shown in this assignment, and providing you commit yourself to the course, I suggest that you are likely to be successful in the assessment.”

Some of the things I could have tried but didn’t: more unusual coloured light; some real close-up/macro executions; shooting the underside of the figurine (I must confess this one never crossed my mind!).

One shot had quite bad chromatic aberration, which I could have fixed in Lightroom. I was originally being very dogmatic about not post-processing beyond basic cropping and WB correction, but with hindsight I should go back and fix this particular point before the assessment. Likewise I may revisit the exact crop on one shot, based on tutor advice.

My prints are still sometimes coming out noticeably different to the onscreen versions; I still haven’t got a specific colour profile for my printer and paper, but thankfully Dave has given me lots of pointers for sorting this out.

I’m pleased with the feedback as I found Light slightly hard work. Glad to be able to move on!


2 thoughts on “Assignment 4: tutor feedback

  1. Hey Rob, congrats on getting great feedback; you must be really pleased and also so happy to have this one under your belt. PS I bought the Macbook Air you gave me some tips for a while back – I love it – glad I went that route rather then the iPad so thanks for the advice.

    • Thanks, yes very happy to get this one out of the way! Glad you’re getting on with the MAcBook Air, it is a really sweet piece of kit. Quite hard work using another laptop after you get used to it! :-)

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