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Rob Townsend

New blog: People & Place


I’ve enrolled on People & Place… new blog will be here.

Wish me luck… looking forward to finding out who else is on the course!


2 thoughts on “New blog: People & Place

  1. Good luck with the next course. I am undecided on which one to do next so am interested in what made you choose this one ? Will be following you anyway :-)

    • Good question! Short answer is that for some reason I always had it in my head that I’d do (1) AOP, (2) People & Place, then (3) Digital Photographic Practice. I think P&P appealed more as being centred around subject matter, while DPP seems (simplistically) to be more focused on technique/workflow. So I think at this stage I’d get more interesting learnings out of P&P.

      A few weeks ago I posted a question on the OCA Flickr group asking for advice on the pros and cons of my planned sequence… and after lots of useful comments from other students, I confirmed my original plan :-)

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