Art of Photography

Rob Townsend


Assignment 5: tutor feedback

Got my feedback report on my last AOP assignment today and it’s mostly good!

Following is the ‘Overall comments’ paragraph:

“I am glad you enjoyed this assignment and you are quite right to be proud of your finished picture story. The previous assignments lay the foundation of knowledge for you to be able to produce work such as you have presented here. As it stands the assignment is perfectly fine but I pointed out below a few areas where you might consider either slight edits to individual images or changes in the edit. You are 90% of the way there already, I have just recommended some final tweaks to give the story a finished and professional feel.”

The comments can be summarised as follows – and the reworked images and updated layout can be found here:

  • Use of same image for cover (cropped) and inside spread (full) – added nothing
    • Now changed for another image (giant coffee cup head)
  • Image 2 had a spot of sunlight leaking in from the top, bit distracting
    • Rather than crop this out – as that would break up the semi-circular arch that acts as an internal frame, which to me is an important element in the image – I tried instead to tweak the image with a selective brush of highlight / exposure value reduction, to blend in with the surrounding blue sky
  • Tighter crop needed on photo 6 (Acrobat) to make this a more effective portrait – too much space around in original
    • Cropped in updated version
  • General suggestion to try different layouts – mix of portrait and landscape format, number of images per page / per double-page spread
    • I confess I’m not minded to try many more different layouts, as I put quite a lot of work, and rework, into the submitted layout – and to some degree it’s subjective and you have to settle on something!
    • The tutor did advise summarising my editing workflow and thought process in a blog post – I did this to a limited degree in an earlier preparation post so I’ve gone back and enhanced that rather than starting a new post on the same subject
  • I was horrified to see that my tutor found a few typos! I pride myself on good writing skills, so must have had an off day when I wrote up the assignment ;-)


Assignment 4: tutor feedback

I got my feedback report back from my tutor Dave very quickly, within a couple of days. It has however taken me almost a week to write this up.

The feedback was generally good. It wasn’t gushing, but it did include the sentence “Overall this has been a very accomplished submission for this assignment”, so I’m happy. There were a few suggestions on how else I could have interpreted the brief, but unlike last time (Colour) no recommendations to tweak and resubmit any images. The main sentence I was looking for was there: “From the work you have shown in this assignment, and providing you commit yourself to the course, I suggest that you are likely to be successful in the assessment.”

Some of the things I could have tried but didn’t: more unusual coloured light; some real close-up/macro executions; shooting the underside of the figurine (I must confess this one never crossed my mind!).

One shot had quite bad chromatic aberration, which I could have fixed in Lightroom. I was originally being very dogmatic about not post-processing beyond basic cropping and WB correction, but with hindsight I should go back and fix this particular point before the assessment. Likewise I may revisit the exact crop on one shot, based on tutor advice.

My prints are still sometimes coming out noticeably different to the onscreen versions; I still haven’t got a specific colour profile for my printer and paper, but thankfully Dave has given me lots of pointers for sorting this out.

I’m pleased with the feedback as I found Light slightly hard work. Glad to be able to move on!